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Themaposter Crack Nulled Clone Free License

February 4th, 2012




* Reply thundreds of your topics at the same time.
* Create new threads in forums / blogs.
* Add unlimited number of topics / templates.
* Group your topics for easier organizing.
* Add unlimited number of forums / blogs.
* Built-in 212 popular forums which are ready tuse.
* Major forum / blog types supported ( [Show] expand).

  • phpBB
  • vBulletin
  • SMF
  • IP Board
  • DLE forum
  • DLE blog
  • WordPress
  • myBB
  • Discuz
  • Discuz X
  • xenForo
  • fluxBB
  • Icy Phoenix
  • punBB
  • miniBB
  • phpWind
  • Blogger (blogspot)

* Full bbCode editor integrated.
* Smart login and retry system.
* Preview your formatted message before sending.
* Schedule your posts. Automatic posting at chosen time.
* Incredibly fast. Post submitted within seconds.
* Prefixes and icons fully supported.
* Easy tselect wanted topics.
* See a progression of each post.
* Random questions and captcha support.
* Automatic captcha processing.
* Automatic find the forum type and charset.
* Fully documented and how tuse explained in details.
* Easy access tyour topics by double clicking.
* Request custom forums.
* All languages supported (even Chinese, Russian, etc.).
* Supports Windows, Linux and Mac (via wine).
* Auto-posting from directory.
* Use proxy when posting.
* Check for dead sites.
* Save message and post it as it was later.
* User friendly and easy tuse.
* Posts list – organize your posts.
* Banned hosts, custom replacements, special tags tmake posting better.
* PM automatic checker on forums and blogs.
* Multiple language interfaces

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